CCTV Driver Training System

The WR1200 is available as a 4 or 8 channgel unit, allowing camera flexibility.  The most common configuration in driver training is the three camera system which would be set as follows:

  • Camera one looking from rear of the vehicle.
  • Camera two viewing the front road through the windscreen.
  • Camera three covering the driver's hands and upper leg control.

The following facilities are also available directly through the recorder and are able to be viewed via the software.

  • G chip sensor to measure longitudinal and lateral movement of the vehicle.
  • GPS Mini map and speed indicator.
  • Brake pedal application and left/right indicator signals
  • Blue light 'on' indicator.
  • Siren 'on' indicator
  • Door open indicator.
  • Nudge button to flag any specific moment.

The training session can be recorded to a USB memory stick, allowing the instructor to review any necessary footage by simply removiong the stick and replaying through a standard laptop. The footage can be viewed remotely whilst in the vehicle or in a classroom.  All the above features are available but we tailor it to your requirements. Full training regarding downloading and storing information is available.

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