Rotating Electrics

For nigh on 35 years MTH has been reconditioning , repairing and supplying starters, alternators , hydraulic motors. We are on board with most major manufacturers as Scottish distributors. MTH can  control any warranty situations which may arise for our wide range of customers.

It is in everybody's interest that the unit is capable to do what is asked of it. MTH does not cut corners when overhauling the commercial and plant type of unit. We do understand the ramifications when a vehicle is off road or the loading shovel goes down and cannot feed the dump trucks and it is because of this only quality parts are used .Each unit is extensively tested before being returned to the customer.

It is also in house practice to inspect and bench test randomly for example Bosch , Prestolite , Delco-Remy , Nippon replacement units to ensure their standards are as high as MTH.

Our units are coded to allow back tracking of material if and when required. Our Unit repair shop is open for inpection anytime. We look forward to seeing you.

MTH can offer replacement “Prelub” starters for heavy plant,  give us a ring for more information.



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