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Item 1: De-regulation of Tachograph Calibration Fees

The fee for calibration and periodic inspection of tachographs will be deregulated from 1st January 2012, following a consultation with the industry.

It is expected that deregulation of the fee will:

Allow the Approved Tachograph Centres and vehicle operators to negotiate a fair fee for the calibration and inspection of tachographs

Result in geographical variations in cost being accounted for

Better support vehicle operators looking to have tachographs calibrated during unsociable hours,

“Future-proof” calibration/inspection against technological changes which will affect how much work will be involved in the inspection and calibration of tachographs

Remove the need for future Government involvement in fee setting

Incentivise companies considering becoming an Approved Tachograph Centre

From 1st January 2012 the fees charged by Approved Tachograph Centres will be a commercial matter to be agreed with the customer presenting the vehicle.

The existing fees are still in place up to and including the 31st December 2011.

Any queries on this should be addressed to Tachographcalibrationfees2009@vosa.gov.uk



MTH is an "Independant Tachograph Test Station". This means we can offer repairs and calibration to all makes of vehicles and when parts are required we can offer great deals. For more information whether on parts or any legal matters arising from tachograph requirements please contact the station manager Mr.Stephen MacGowan

Stirling Council Update Their Fleet To The Latest VDO Digital Tachograph Technology

Stirling Council are currently in the process of upgrading their fleet of vehicles to the latest version of digital tachographs with remote downloading equipment which enables the fleet data to be downloaded remotely, saving time and valuable resources .....

VDO recently signed a deal with Jon Jeffress, Fleet Training Manager at Stirling Council to supply 21 Digital Tachographs with the VDO Wide Range Data Downloading equipment. Jon commented; "We identified we needed to be running a very tight control on our fleet of vehicles at Stirling Council and had been investigating a number of different ideas. We decided that by replacing our existing tachograph units to the VDO Digital tachograph 1.3a units we would get an excellent deal with the new VOSA approved remote downloading technology. This means that the data can be received via GPRS wherever the vehicle is in the County. A wonderful time saving device that now allows the regional depot personnel to complete other tasks".

The vehicles are having the equipment installed at the VDO distributor MTH Auto Services Ltd in Falkirk. Jim Holden, Managing Director, "We are delighted to have been able to install this equipment working alongside Stirling Council and the VDO team. MTH will now be completing the installations over the next few weeks and we are looking forward to seeing the vehicles in service.


The One Minute Rule VDO Digital Tachograph

The launch of the DTCO 1381 (Release 1.4), paves the way for fleet operators to enhance their fleet efficiency and increase productivity.  The new "1 Minute Rule" which calculates driving time according to EU Regulation 1266/2009, has been integrated into the new Digital Tachograph, so drivers can optimise their driving time during the working day. User friendly graphical printouts make evaluating data easier and faster and include detailed Speed and 7 day Driver Card mode activity profiles.

VDO will be offering the opportunity for Fleet Operators to exchange their existing Tachographs to the DTCO 1381 (Release 1.4) during the 2011 "Go For Efficiency" promotion.  Order now to ensure that you are in a position to meet the expected customer demand!



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