About Us

MTH has twelve Field Service vehicles

About us

MTH field services offer, Auto Electrical Engineering and Air Conditioning Repairs and Servicing. Automatic Lubrication for Vehicles Plant.

MTH offers one of the UK’s few Speed Limiter Mobile repair and fitting services. The company is well-known in the transport industry i.e. Haulage, Municipal Vehicles and Heavy Plant, Bus and Coach Industries, Police Authorties.

MTH holds direct accounts with many leading suppliers in the industry. MTH teamed up with the G.A.U. in this year’s MTH. Our customers have access to a greater product selection at more affordable prices through our buying group.


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The LED lighting is more energy efficient

MTH promote safety products like LED lighting on the sides and rear of vehicles. The LED lighting is more energy efficient and lasts longer, which makes it safer for the public as well as saving time when replacing bulbs.