Rotating Electrics

MTH has been providing starters, alternators, and hydraulic motors for over 35 years.

As Scottish distributors, we are able to work with all major manufacturers. MTH can manage any warranty issues that may arise for our large customer base.

It is in everyone’s best interest that the unit can do what it is expected. MTH doesn’t cut corners when it comes to overhauling commercial or plant-type units. We understand the consequences of a vehicle being off-road or if the loading shovel stops working and can’t feed the dump trucks. Each unit is thoroughly tested before it is returned to the customer.

Standards are High

In order to make sure their standards are high, it is a good practice to also inspect and test random items such as Bosch, Prestolite, Delco-Remy, Nippon replacement unit, etc.

Give us a call for more details.

All units have a code that allows for back tracking material, if required. The unit repair shop is available for inspection at any time. We look forward to meeting you. MTH offers replacement "Prelub” starters for heavy plants. Give us a call for more details.